The Week That Was: January 8-14

In today’s world, no nonprofit organization would think twice about collecting, and hopefully analyzing, information about their donors. So too, with website traffic. For how else can one effectively judge site visitors’ demographics and interests?

Based on site and RSS feed analytics, here – in descending order – are the five most popular posts on eJewish Philanthropy last week:

Scrapping Synagogue Dues
by Dan Judson

A case study of one synagogue that radically altered their dues system and found more money, more members and more harmony.

Bucking the Trends: Teens Call for Collaboration and a Place at the Table

Jacob Sorrells, an 18 year old youth leader, attends the recent URJ Biennial, and shares his thoughts:

“The challenge of inspiring Jewish teens, boys and girls, to commit to Jewish life is only successfully addressed by strengthening initiatives like those in BBYO. And those put forth by my NFTY colleagues. And those endorsed by my peers in Young Judaea. And those championed by all of the many Jewish youth enterprises working hard to secure the Jewish community’s future. And those reaffirmed in the empowering messages delivered by the URJ at the Biennial.”

The Largest Gifts in 2011: Missing Jewish Support
by Robert I. Evans and Avrum D. Lapin

Jewish philanthropists were well represented in a recent listing of last year’s top charitable gifts. According to ‘America’s Top Donors’, just released by The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 513 gifts of at least $1 million or more were made by individuals to charitable institutions in 2011. This was a significant change from the 348 gifts of $1 million plus made in 2010.

Covenant Foundation Announces New Grants

The Covenant Foundation announced nearly $900,000 in new grants as part of its mission to support and advance excellence and impact in Jewish education.

A Civil War No One Wants
by Dr. Erica Brown

What is happening to us? At the end of the day, this does not hurt the secular, the religious, or the ultra-religious. It hurts Judaism, because anyone opening up a newspaper across the globe and seeing what is happening makes no fine distinctions. We are all just Jews, just Jews engaged in baseless hatred and misunderstanding. We’re hurting Judaism.

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