The Power of Links

Do you check your Website analytics? We do – probably to often – and last week we discovered that when we put up a post with the various new links added to our site it was an immediate hit. So, now we will separately list the new links and articles we have added to our Resources section – both  organizational resources and how-to articles culled from professional fundraising blogs and magazines around the world.

You should still take a look; you’ll never know what hidden gems you may find. Even the long-time CEO of a major American fundraising software provider told me he discovered some organizations he was not familiar with.

Here’s what we posted recently. For more, don’t forget, check out eJewish Philanthropy’s Resources section.

How About A Microblog With Your Microbrew?

Nonprofits venture into social media for the promise of more supporters, open conversations, and donations. Many groups have been very successful, at least with the first two points. But the reality is that “2.0” strategies like blogging and social networking demand a significant investment of human resources for them to work. A blog needs a writer (or writers). A social network requires staffers to post content, friend people and accept friends, among other things.

Online Fundraising: Is Your Website Google-friendly?

Are you worried about Wall Street’s woes?  Fretting about your donors’ plunging portfolios?  Wondering if your foundation funders can still make good on their pledges?

If you’re trying to figure out what sure-fire steps you can take to bolster your fundraising efforts in the coming weeks and months, have you considered … well … search engine optimization?

How and Why Donors Give Online

Of people who gave to charity in 2007, one in 10 did so online.

How Donors Can Maximize Social Returns

The global financial crisis has forced many donors to scale back their charitable giving, and nonprofit organizations are bracing for more severe reductions in 2009 and beyond. It is now more important than ever that philanthropists develop a focused strategy and strive to maximize the impact of their charitable dollars.

What nonprofits can learn from Obama’s win

Campaign highlighted the power of Web videos, social networking