The Need to Engage Boomers


You Better Be Marketing To Me

A few years ago, the PBS documentary, “Boomer Century,” produced by and featuring Age Wave author Ken Dychtwald, identified four traits found in Boomers: idealism, anti-authoritarianism, eagerness to embrace change, and self-empowerment. We think that’s as good a list we’ve seen, although the underlying question fueling those traits in Boomers is, “What’s in it for me?”

Boomers may have formed this underlying “self” focus as a defensive mechanism to deal with their sheer numbers…

The reality was that even if you were “one in a million,” there were 78 more Boomers exactly like you. As a result, the desire to be unique and noticed has driven Boomers to be “self” centered throughout their lives.

Marketers [and fundraisers] should understand this, especially since today’s older Boomer Consumer is more motivated by internal, inwardly focused values than by the social, or outwardly focused values of youth.