The Missing Catalyst in the Global Jewish Agenda

Natasha Mozgovaya writing in Haaretz:

Israel’s relationship with American Jews has changed

On the stage in the plenum of the United Jewish Communities’ annual conference sat three well-tailored and smiling young people, who had immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia, Brazil and Peru. They told their story to the audience of 3,000. One described how far she had come since childhood, when she was excited by the elevator in the absorption center, and the other two focused on their military service and their love for Israel. A significant percentage of their achievements, as expected at an event of this type, were attributed to American Jewry and its support for Israel.

Also as expected, the audience at the General Assembly was moved – but somewhat less so than in the past. The long relationship between Israel and American Jewry has moved on to a new phase. They’re not equals yet, but Israel is no longer the unfortunate relative. The enthusiasm is waning, and the news from Israel is eroding what idealism remains.