TechWatch: Wikipedia and Israel

from the Jerusalem Post:

The Other Side of Wikipedia

Most of us have come to realize, it’s too late for Wikipedia, as far as Israel is concerned. The “Npov” crowd (an acronym for the supposedly Neutral Point of View of Wikipedia editors) have basically installed themselves in the positions of editorial authority that control the site.

Wikipedia editors gave CAMERA a hard time for trying to do something (how dare they!) about the consistent anti-Israel opinions on the Wikipedia site (…

So, for someone looking for the truth about Israel, Wikpedia is pretty much a dead end – it seems to carry only the “truth” as approved by the international Arab propaganda machine. But other Wiki projects prove that it’s Wikipedia that’s out of step – and that it’s possible to conduct a publicly editable Wiki web site without having to hand it over lock, stock and barrel to people with a very clear agenda about Israel.