Take your learning with you this summer with Project Zug!

Learning over the summer has never been easier! Take your learning wherever your summer takes you with Project Zug, the online havruta learning platform powered by Hadar.

Project Zug connects individuals through curated one-on-one high quality Jewish learning. Let Project Zug match you with a learning partner, or sign up with a friend. The learning platform is for all ages, and allows you to learn from the comfort of your own home – whenever you want!

Project Zug offers over 30 courses that cover a wide variety of topics, from the songs of Bob Dylan to Jewish philosophy, to social justice. The next cycle will begin on June 17, 2018 and registration is now open!

This summer, Project Zug will offer two new courses, each 4-sessions long, allowing registration in both. Each presents a different way to think about Shabbat:

Shabbat Rituals: The Oldest New Way To Friday,” a course created in partnership with OneTable, by Rabbi Jessica Minnen, asks how we can approach Shabbat ritual in our modern lives with the same sense of meaning, intention, and accomplishment as our ancestors. OneTable empowers people to hold tradition in one hand and their own beliefs, experiences, and passions in the other, and this course explores Friday night ritual – not only the words, but where they come from, why we say them, and what they are meant to do.

The Wisdom Of Shabbat: A Modern Israeli Perspective,” was created by Dr. Meir Buzaglo, and explores the philosophical underpinnings of Shabbat. This course understands that Shabbat is the inheritance of every Jew, leaving aside the practical questions and instead asking the philosophical: What is Shabbat about? What is its place in today’s society? How does it correct or supplement modern ideological systems? How can this idea of Shabbat fit into a modern secular and/or Israeli, Jewish culture?