Tachl!s 2 Point Oh! – Went pretty well…

Last Wednesday we hosted Tachl!s 2 Point Oh! – a seminar on how to make the most use out of user generated Web content for your business, blog or non-profit. I was pleased with the turnout – 85 people despite the off the beaten path venue – which everyone seemed to enjoy. This was a very Tachlis oriented exercise. There was no discussion of politics at all – just a basic rundown of how to use Web 2.0 tools more effectively. I liked the fact that the participants were extremely diverse, pretty much representing all ideological and religious orientations. So why did I do it? Well, the folks I worked with I am certain had their own reasons. As for me, what interests me most about the Internet is how it facilitates conversation. To whatever extent this evening helped passionate people get their voices heard more effectively, to whatever extent the conversation has been improved, then that is the extent to which this evening was successful. I noted during my presentation that it’s a bad idea to run a program and be a presenter. This is probably true. I didn’t get to hobnob with as many people as I wanted to but still, it was awesome. A high tech conference in a 3000 year old city. That’s poetry man!

I wanted to thank Sasha for taking the video which will be posted soon. I wanted to thank Shani who saved our ass by doing registration. I also wanted to thank all our sponsors – Sun MicroSystems and Benjamin Pashkoff who knows a scary amount of tech stuff, Taglit Birthright Israel and the Schusterman Foundation’s The Center For Leadership Initiatives. I wanted to thank all the ROIers and Birthright Israel Alumni who showed up as well as everyone else who attended. Of course there were our partners as well, Jewlicious, I Thank Thee, Presentense and Web Ads and our Media partners who helped get the word out – Jerusalemite, Jerusalem Blueprint, eJewishPhilanthropy (Dan showed up with his wife even though they were both jet lagged – kudos!), The Jerusalem Post and Reader Impact Email.

Finally, special thanks to Ricky Ben-David, Benjamin Pashkoff, Aharon Horwitz and Ahuvah Berger who made it all look so easy and Akiva Fuld, without whom none of this would have happened.

The question now is, what’s next? The answer? I have no clue. We’ll see which way the wind blows and what people want us to do. I aim only to please.

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