Summer Camp 2.0

We read yesterday that the Internet is one factor that has contributed to “the flattening of the Earth”. That’s what writer Thomas Friedman says about the new global reality of the twenty-first century; where innovation is no longer held back by national borders and with changes constantly taking place as lightning-swift advances in technology and communications put people all over the globe in touch as never before.

Well, brand new innovation has come to Israel!

The first international technology summer camp in Israel has announced it will be opening its doors this summer. eCamp, designed to bring enterprising young people from around the world together for a unique interactive experience, is expecting over 300 children from the ages of 10-18 from countries across the world in its first year.

The camp will be based in the eVillage of Aloney Yitzhak, 28 miles from Tel Aviv and will also continue with interactive and online learning throughout the year. “As one of the global centers of technological innovation, it is time Israel gives back some of our know-how and share it with children from around the world,” said Nir Kouris, co-CEO and an Israeli entrepreneur. “Our biggest wish is for campers to experience the magic of Israeli innovation first hand, hear from technologists how they persevered despite the odds, and be empowered to realize own dreams in a virtual world.”

eCamp will take full advantage of being home to the second largest number of start ups in the world. Israel’s small size, serves as a ‘kid friendly’ laboratory and the campers will have access to some of the best known technologists, companies and successes of tomorrow.

“Only in Israel can we expose campers to the brains of the high tech world,” added Nir. eCampers will meet with entrepreneurs including the founder of ICQ, the originator behind the AOL Instant Messenger. Campers will also visit leading Israeli research centers including Intel, Microsoft, Google and Motorola and have the opportunity to train in the Israeli Air Force’s flight simulator.

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