Study Finds Cleveland Jewish Population Stable since 1996

Study finds Jewish population stable since 1996, younger than expected; some face financial challenges

Cleveland’s Jewish population of 80,800 is relatively unchanged from 1996, according to initial data from a study released today, and the community has not aged as significantly as some may have thought.

According to the 2011 Greater Cleveland Jewish Population Study released by the Jewish Federation of Cleveland, children 17 and under are 23% of the Jewish population (compared to 25% in 1996, the year of the last major study). Seniors 65 and over are 19% of the population, compared to 20% in 1996. The also study found significant geographic movement among Jewish households, the majority of which remain clustered around a few dozen East Side suburbs.

The study also uncovered “significant economic vulnerability,” with 36% of Jewish households “just managing” financially and 5% saying they cannot make ends meet.

You can read more in a Cleveland Jewish News story and opinion column;  the study is available on the Federation website.