Repair the World Supplements Wise, Wicked, Simple, Quiet Sons at This Year’s Seder

A special Passover supplement to spur challenging and meaningful conversations on racial justice is now available from Repair the World and the Jewish Multiracial Network. Tweaking the tradition of four sons asking loaded questions and receiving answers in kind, “The Four People” are each on their own racial justice journey and ask questions reflecting their multiple perspectives, various backgrounds, different races, and different ages.

The Four People represents a “complicated constellation of identity and experience; they are not simply good or bad, guileless or silent. They are Jews of Color and white Jews. They are Mizrahi, Sephardi, and Ashkenazi; they are youth, middle-aged, and elders.” They ask questions such as:

  • How do people work towards equality if the tactics and strategies used by current racial justice movements make them uncomfortable?
  • How do newcomers to these racial justice efforts reach and engage with marginalized communities in an authentic and sustained way?
  • How might Jews of Color engage in racial justice work in a way true to themselves, acknowledging their own varied histories and interests?
  • How do people engage if they are too scared to even begin a conversation about race?

The Four People is part of Repair’s Act Now for Racial Justice campaign, which, during Passover, includes opportunities and resources to host Seders with meaningful conversations and to engage in service opportunities to address urgent needs created by racial injustice. Its Passover Pyramid cutout includes powerful quotes from modern day Jewish racial justice leaders. Other resources address issues around food justice.