Rebranding The Weizmann

This year, Israel has kicked off a major re-branding campaign to encourage the world to look beyond Middle Eastern conflict and recognize Israel’s global contributions as a nation. Here’s one example:

The American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science (ACWIS), a world-renowned scientific institute based in Israel, aims to help celebrate Israel’s important milestone. At the same time, ACWIS is preparing for the 60th Anniversary of the naming of the Weizmann Institute by enhancing its own branding efforts on behalf of Weizmann.

Weizmann is recognized in the scientific research community as one of the world’s leading basic research institutes, regarded as highly as Rockefeller, MIT, Caltech are in the U.S. However due to its location, common misconceptions exist among the American public.

Now, ACWIS is tackling these misconceptions head-on with a bold new U.S. campaign, spearheaded by attention-grabbing advertisements with the tagline: “Israel’s Gift to the World.” Each execution in the new series presents one of the Institute’s more notable scientific advances – garlic-powered cancer treatments, crops that grow in extreme conditions, and a microscopic cancer spy.

Said simply: The World Needs Our Research. We Need Your Support. You can view the new campaign:

Israel’s Gift To The World