Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm Announces Retirement from Y.U.

yuIn accordance with an agreement reached 3 years ago, Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm has formally stepped down from the positions of Chancellor of Yeshiva University and Rosh Hayeshivah. For Lamm, this concludes sixty years of official affiliation with Yeshiva University – as student, faculty member, Rosh Hayeshivah, President and Chancellor.

Lamm also took the opportunity to address abuse cover-up accusations that have been leveled against him personally, and YU, saying:

It is to this I turn as I contemplate my response to allegations of abuse in the Yeshiva community. At the time that inappropriate actions by individuals at Yeshiva were brought to my attention, I acted in a way that I thought was correct, but which now seems ill conceived. I understand better today than I did then that sometimes, when you think you are doing good, your actions do not measure up. You think you are helping, but you are not.

The full text of Lamm’s retirement letter can be found here.