PresenTense Launching in Philadelphia

In referring to the Philadelphia Federation’s recent allocation process, the Jewish Exponent has confirmed that PresenTense will be programming in Philadelphia beginning this fall:

Last year, the Center for Jewish Life and Learning received the smallest slice of the pie, with 25 percent of allocable dollars. This time, it received the largest, with 29 percent, though the total fell from $5.2 million last year to $4.7 million this year.

This includes $847,000 designated for the seven community-based Kehillot – funding that had traditionally come from the center’s operating budget, rather than its programmatic grants.

One of the groups that got a boost was Tribe 12, a newly formed cooperative that serves young adults and is run by Ross Berkowitz, executive director of both the Collaborative and LimmudPhilly, which received $50,000 and $20,000 respectively.

While LimmudPhilly’s funding represents a $30,000 cut for the annual weekend learning program from last year, it was one of only two adult-education programs to get anything. Several well-known adult-education initiatives, including the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School run by Gratz College, lost all of its Federation funding.

At the same time, Tribe 12 is bringing to the area the PresenTense Community Entrepreneur Partnership, which is essentially an idea incubator for young-adult programming. With a grant of $50,000, it was one of the few new programs to be awarded any funds.