Philanthropy Annual 2009 Now Available

The Foundation Center, the leading U.S. authority on organized philanthropy, has released Philanthropy Annual: 2009 Review, the third edition of its yearly compendium highlighting the news, issues, people, organizations and giving trends shaping the field of philanthropy.

Philanthropy Annual provides an opportunity to pause and reflect on what our sector has achieved in 2009 and has yet to achieve in the future that awaits us,” says Bradford K. Smith, the Center’s president, in the Annual’s introduction.

The Annual provides a full overview of organized philanthropy, illustrating its important role in society and its national and global impact. Content is drawn in part from Philanthropy News Digest, the Center’s daily online news service, as well as selected research findings in the annual Foundations Today Series and other Center sources.

Highlights include:

  • topical issues covered in the mainstream and philanthropic press during 2009, including the continued impact of the economic downturn and the intersection of government and private funding for healthcare, education, and social innovation;
  • in-depth interviews and commentary from widely respected leaders and thinkers;
  • lists of the top foundations and public charities, as well as updated statistical information about U.S. grantmaking;
  • a sampling of books, periodicals, and blogs in the field;
  • updated key contacts at philanthropy support organization.

Philanthropy Annual: 2009 Review is available for free download or for purchase at the Center’s online Marketplace ($19.95).