Partnering: JAFI 2008-09

arhpRight on time for next week’s Jewish Agency Assembly, JAFI has released their latest annual report, Partnering with you to secure the Jewish future.

“As we celebrate our 80-year journey, we’re not looking back – we’re looking forward. For eight decades, the Jewish Agency has convened the Jewish people in an unmatched global partnership with a singular purpose: securing the future of a connected global Jewish people with a strong Israel at its heart.

Created in 1929 as the “working government” of a people without a state, with little more than vision and commitment in hand, that was a tall order. Always future-focused, we have made history together. As the pioneering force in the establishment of the State of Israel, and today, as the Jewish world’s most effective nonprofit, our global partnership has brought more than 3 million
Jews home to Israel since 1948. We are the leader in partnering the people of Israel with communities and donors worldwide to meet today’s challenges,
reaching deep into the heart of disadvantaged communities to promote opportunity and create truly transformative change for Israel’s at-risk youth.

Together, we are making Israel a living part of Jewish communities around the world. Forging peoplehood. Innovating to connect the Jewish world’s new
generations through powerful, transformative experiences. No other organization has accomplished more and adapted to emerging challenges with greater impact. Impact made possible through your annual campaigns around the world. But one of the many things we have learned along the way is that there are no timeouts. A year ago, if we had a discussion on the hot spots in the Jewish world it would have been vastly different from the one we need to have today.

Who is going to be there as global issues unfold? Who will bring the extraordinary force of a united, caring global community to the table? You.

Figuratively and quite literally, you power this global partnership that continues to be one of the greatest strategic assets of the Jewish people.”