ORT Launches Educational Activities in Armenia

World ORT has signed an historic agreement with the Armenian Government launching ORT educational and vocational training activities in the country for the first time.

The memorandum of understanding promotes cooperation in the implementation of high technology and the Internet in the education sector, the development of information technology, and the creation of programs promoting the development of high-tech centers in Armenian universities.

With this week’s formal registration of ORT Armenia, the Torah Ohr Sunday School, which serves the capital Yerevan’s small Jewish community, will join the international ORT network.

World ORT will send international experts to train the Armenians in the effective use of the new equipment, including Israeli teachers who have mastered the technology introduced at their schools by World ORT’s programmatic arms in Israel, Kadima Mada. The Yerevan school’s teachers will then go on to train fellow educators from Armenia, Georgia and other countries.