NewsBits: Around the Jewish Web

Touching the world of Jewish philanthropy, here are some items appearing recently on other Web sites you may find of interest.

from Haaretz; an opinion piece by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, president of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews:

Crucial Friends

Many Israeli organizations are dependent on the benevolence of foreign philanthropists and donors as the primary suppliers of their welfare needs, whose aid can at any given moment in time seal the fate of their continued existence. However, these days, the economic crisis, the credit crunch and the financial uncertainty have resulted in a dramatic decrease in Jewish philanthropy. The new reality is such that the Jewish communities in the United States and elsewhere in the world believe it is best to invest donated funding in meeting the needs of their home populations, instead of transferring the money to various organizations in Israel.

from The Jewish Exponent:

One Philanthropist Gets It Right

Long-overdue program to lower day-school costs gives hope for the future

from The London Jewish Chronicle:

Volunteers out in force to help the less fortunate

An estimated 12,000 volunteers performed good deeds on Sunday on the first nationwide Mitzvah Day. Across the country, synagogues, youth organizations and other grouos were involved in 250 charitable projects, helping Jews and non-Jews alike.