Newest Crop of ROI Members Heading to Jerusalem for the 2011 ROI Global Summit

For the first time, ROI Community of Young Jewish Innovators will be welcoming new members from Colombia, Croatia, Hong Kong, Panama and Sweden when over a hundred of the Jewish world’s most dynamic young adults converge in Jerusalem for the 2011 ROI Global Summit in June.

“This year’s new members are an amazing group of connectors and creators who are contributing to the world and making their communities more exciting and engaging,” said ROI Executive Director Justin Korda. “They include social entrepreneurs, Jewish community professionals, expert trainers and capacity builders. Together with the 550 veteran ROIers in over 40 countries, they will be impacting the Jewish world for the coming century.”

For its 2011 application process, ROI established a referral system that generated nearly 600 applications from exceptional candidates in 39 countries, the highest number ever. “Our penetration in Israel has grown exponentially – nearly four times more Israelis applied than in previous years,” said ROI Program Manager Beto Maya. “We also reached more new communities all over Latin America and Europe.”

ROI Community of Young Jewish Innovators, a signature project of American Jewish philanthropist Lynn Schusterman, is a global network created in 2006 to identify outstanding people in their 20s and 30s who touch, inspire and challenge others to greater Jewish involvement. ROI channels young innovators’ activism by introducing them to like-minded peers around the world, thereby multiplying their collaborative opportunities.