New Taxes Will Cost U.S. Nonprofits Thousands

A new report released by Independent Sector shows the new tax on transportation fringe benefits that some charities offer their employees will cost an average of $12,000 per organization.

Nonprofit organizations will now be required to pay a 21 percent federal tax on the cost of employee transportation benefits, including transit and parking, and to calculate unrelated income streams in a way that increases tax burden.

According to the research:

~ The new tax on transportation fringe benefits will divert an average of about $12,000 away from each nonprofit’s mission per year.

  • As a percentage of budget size, this tax is a bigger burden to smaller nonprofits.
  • About 10 percent nonprofits are considering dropping these benefits entirely, even though many are required to maintain the benefits by local law.

~ Requiring nonprofits to report unrelated income streams separately would redirect about $15,000 per year away from each affected nonprofit’s mission.