New Global Platform for Jewish Social Media Launches

The Fulcrum Project, a new, multi-language, global platform for innovative Jewish social media projects is launching today. The Project is a non-affiliated, apolitical initiative aimed at strengthening Jewish identity by leveraging resources in the Jewish world through social media. With the goal of reaching Jewish entrepreneurs worldwide, the website is available in English, Hebrew, Russian and Spanish.

The Fulcrum Project, an Israel based initiative, was developed by Danny Oberman and Raissa Hacohen.

Oberman tells us, “We aim to encourage Jewish engagement through social media. We hope that Jewish communities all over the world will browse, vote, and ultimately implement projects that are ideally suited to their communities. The Jewish world must fully integrate the technological and social media tools available today in order to engage the next generation of Jews. The multilingual Fulcrum Project aims to facilitate that process by serving as a clearinghouse to all the latest innovative social media projects.”

Jewish entrepreneurs can submit and catalog their latest Jewish social media projects, and users can contribute new ideas, comment and review existing projects.

For more, visit to add, view, and comment on the latest projects.