New Center for Jewish Peoplehood Education Launched

A group of educators have taken the initiative and launched a Center for Jewish Peoplehood Education (CJPE) to serve as a resource and catalyst for developing the field.

Driven by the vision to create and sustain a vibrant and thriving Jewish People whose institutions nurture belonging and commitment to the Jewish collective enterprise, the founding partners – Dr. Shlomi Ravid, Dr. Elan Ezrachi, Dr. Ezra Kopelowitz and Ms. Varda Rafaeli – created a “one stop” resource center for institutions and individuals seeking resources, professional development, content and programmatic development or general Peoplehood conceptual and educational consulting. They also seek to be a catalyst in initiating and partnering in strategic interventions meant to build the field of Peoplehood education.

The Schechter Institute in Jerusalem will provide the new initiative an institutional home for its startup phase. The long term hope is to develop together Peoplehood focused academic tracks (such as a Masters program in Peoplehood Education), curricula and professional training for educators.

In the near term, beyond developing the capacity to offer resources, consulting and training, the Center is seeking to partner in initiatives that will address the challenges of Leadership development, the pedagogy of the Mifgash, and the enhancement of Peoplehood discourse, collaboration, resource sharing and dialogue. Each of its founding members brings with him to the Center a significant list of institutional connections from the past, but the hope is that collaborative effort will create a synergy much needed for the advancement of the field.

For more information contact: Shlomi Ravid –