Most Read Content: March 4-10

In today’s world, no nonprofit organization would think twice about collecting, and hopefully analyzing, information about their donors. So too, with website traffic. For how else can one effectively judge site visitors’ demographics and interests?

Based on site and feed analytics, last week our special Purim Spiel issue occupied three of the top five slots. Here is the additional top content (alphabetical by title):

Empowering a New Generation of Young Jewish Women
by Abigail Pickus

Jewish Women International (JWI) is set to launch an innovative new venture: a professional leadership network for young Jewish women… The network will target Jewish women in their 20s and 30s and will debut in New York and Washington, D.C., with the goal of expanding to other major U.S. cities.

Facebook Timeline for Nonprofit Organizations
by Rebecca Saidlower and Miriam Brosseau

The recent release of Facebook Timeline for Pages provides a new opportunity for your nonprofit to share your story in a rich, engaging way, with both those outside and inside your organization.

JDC Global Archives Brings Jewish History to Life

The JDC Global Archives includes over 3 miles of text documents, 100,000 photographs, 1,100 audio recordings including 95 oral histories, 157 recorded historic speeches and broadcasts, and 1,300 video recordings.

Leading By Choice
by Morlie Levin

Think about this for a minute. Almost 200,000 20-somethings who live in the U.S. have ALREADY been on a Birthright trip. Tens of thousands more will go this year, and every year going forward. Each has a story to tell. Each is touched, challenged, excited, and provoked in a unique way. Each comes back with a deeper, personal conception of their connection to Israel and the Jewish people. And no “one” path forward will satisfy the myriad longings of this large (and ever-growing) group.

Rebranding David: Lessons Learned in Transforming a Jewish Organization

by David Bernstein

If there is one big takeaway from our experience, it’s the importance of sequencing. It would be a mistake to rebrand without being clear – really clear – about what the organization is trying to accomplish, and setting in motion a new approach. The brand simply won’t stack up to the reality on the ground. It must be a reflection of everything you’ve put in place.

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