Making A Case for Social Media Marketing

Regular visitors to eJewish Philanthropy know we believe strongly in the use of social media / social networking within our non-profit world. There are many variations for an organization to choose from; no “one size fits all” approach. Hopefully, we are encouraging you to consider the various possibilities available and pointing you in some useful directions.

Perhaps just writing a blog on your organization’s web site and monitoring comments is what will best for your non-profit. Certainly the “big” tool (and I can’t stress this enough) is the use of video. The important thing, though, we hope you will keep in mind,

any non-profit still not using social marketing tools to send out its message to its constituency is already at a large disadvantage to those non-profits that are.

Some of you may still be asking, What is this thing called “social media” and why should your organization get into it?

According to Wild Apricot:

“In a nutshell, social networking can be defined as any activity by which people connect with each other online, to collaborate, create or share information, to participate in conversations, and to build communities of common interest. Social media refers to the growing range of technological tools that make social networking possible — blogs, forums, RSS, wikis, podcasting, video, photo-sharing sites, and the list goes endlessly on.

It’s fair to say that social media is at the very heart of Web 2.0 — the democratization of the Internet — from which there can be no turning back now.”

You can read their complete post here.

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