Light One Candle

With all the Hanukkah videos floating around the web, we think this is a good time to bring an old favorite back.

Written by Peter Yarrow, “Light One Candle” was first presented as part of the 1982 Peter, Paul and Mary Hanukkah / Christmas concert at Carnegie Hall with the N.Y. Choral Society. Later, performances throughout the U.S., Europe and particularly Israel, brought a new and universal meaning to the song.

“Light One Candle” was written, and is sung, for Jews and non-Jews alike. The flame is an historical reminder of an ethical imperative. It burns as a burden, demanding sacrifice and struggle. But it also lights the possibility, the privilege and promise of a better world. We must not let the light go out.

This recording from a PBS Holiday Concert.

Chag Urim Sameach! Happy Hanukkah to all from eJewish Philanthropy.