Legacy Giving Up in Canada

With all the various comings and goings in Israel the past few weeks we’ve fallen behind in posting relevant, but not directly Jewish world, news and links of note. Today is a catch-up day.

According to a recent study on legacy giving by the FLA group, despite the recession, Canadians are leaving more money to charities in their wills than last year.

The study highlights:

  • 1.4 million Canadians have left gifts to charities in their wills – and an equal number are considering making legacy gifts. This number is up significantly from last year’s survey.
  • These (still living) Canadians have made charitable bequests totaling $54 billion – an increase of 28% from last year.
  • Direct mail donors are more than twice as likely to make charitable bequests as people who don’t give to charity through the mail.