Leading Edge Releases “Reopening Our Workspaces: A Playbook”

By Leading Edge

As many locations relax public health restrictions, countless organizations who have been working remotely are considering a return to their previous workplaces. A new playbook from Leading Edge encourages organizations to keep the human factors – team culture, emotional support, equity, and more – front and center when planning a reopening.

Returning to the workplace sounds like something simple. We were away – and now we’re coming back! In truth, the questions of whether, when, and how to reopen an organization’s workspace are difficult and complicated. A workplace is more than a place. Where we work profoundly affects how we work, with whom we work, and when we work. And reopening a workspace isn’t something that happens all at once. Employees, leaders, work processes, team culture, and programming will all need significant time to adjust to this complex and interlocking set of changes.

Major milestones and changes, like reopening a workspace, can also help people put past habits behind them and achieve new growth and change. So as we reopen our spaces, the playbook asks, should we resume what we were doing, or should we re-dream what we could be doing?

Whether you and your leadership team are just beginning the reopening conversation, are in the middle of planning a reopening, or have reopened and begun your readjustment, “Reopening Our Workspaces” can help you along your journey to a stronger organization.

Download the Playbook at leadingedge.org/reopen