Kol Dor to Restructure

Kol Dor, an Israel based organization designed to connect the next generation of global Jewish leaders, is about to undergo a major re-organization.

For most of the past year, a core group of members has been involved in strategy conversations on Kol Dor’s future. Each individual that took part in the conversations was permitted to vote on the final strategy. During the past week, three proposals were put to vote.

In an email last night to members of the Kol Dor community, the organization announced that 60% of those voting chose to continue Kol Dor independently and pursue a profit making arm through consultation services.

“KolDor has already begun to make the transition to a beating heart. We will close down our operations, including terminating paid employees and services as of December 31, 2010.

Within the coming ten days, new leadership is expected to step in and take control of KolDor legally, and to pave the route to a newly evolved KolDor.

… A special Asefa Clalit, General Meeting, will be held in three weeks in order to transfer the leadership of the Amuta (non-profit organization).

… Within 6 months, the consulting arm is expected to be in effect.”