JLens Announces “Most Kosher” US Companies

JLens has released the 2019 list of the 18 “Most Kosher” US Companies. 

Four years ago, JLens created the Jewish Advocacy Strategy to invest in the 300 largest and most influential US public corporations in order to conduct investor advocacy on behalf of the Jewish community.

JLens considered using standardized ESG (environment, social, governance) research to guide the investment strategy. However, a thorough review of ESG research providers revealed an unexpected and significant gap in values alignment with Jewish communal concerns.
As a result, JLens developed an in-house methodology to score and rank companies through a Jewish lens. JLens uses six core Jewish values to evaluate and engage companies in long-term investor advocacy. Through robust data collection, in-depth research, and direct engagement, JLens has identified 18 large US corporations that represent excellence and outperform sector peers on a wide array of environmental and social issues through a Jewish lens.

To view the 18 “Most Kosher” US Companies, click here.