Jewish Legacy Forum Launched

Eighty-five Federation and Foundation professionals and lay leaders from 26 communities gathered in Tucson, Arizona last week for the first ever Jewish Legacy Forum. The two-day conference focused on sharing best practices and innovations to help participants build and promote legacy programs.

Sponsored by The Jewish Federations of North America, Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego and Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona, the forum covered such topics as creating a legacy culture in the community, partnering with agencies to build endowments, and helping each donor fulfill their own philanthropic vision through legacy planning.

The importance of nurturing relationships – both with donors and with partner agencies – was addressed repeatedly throughout the conference. This involves developing trust and confidence that the Foundation or Federation will keep faith with the donor’s wishes years down the road. Key components in this process include utilizing robust and customizable documentation, maintaining personal contact over the years, and working closely with partner agencies to create a united, community-wide approach toward endowment building.

You can find more information here.