Jerusalem March Promotes ‘Bridging Gap’ Between Disabled, Broader Society

In a symbolic display to encourage the integration of Israel’s disabled community within Israeli society, a procession of over 300 marchers, including children with severe physical and cognitive disabilities under the care of ALEH, their families, caregivers, and volunteers and friends from around the globe, set out Monday to cross over the Jerusalem Chords Bridge.

The festivities were capped off with singing, dancing, and a ceremony during which over 500 balloons were released into the air to signify the buoyant spirit and unrestricted potential of Israel’s disabled children.

Dubbed “ALEH Marches Forward,” the event was the organization’s second annual Jerusalem march to increase public awareness of the disabled as well as the first of several events planned to mark the organization’s 30th anniversary

About: ALEH is Israel’s largest network of residential facilities for children with severe physical and cognitive disabilities, providing 650 children from around Israel with high-level medical and rehabilitative care in four residential facilities.

photos courtesy ALEH Jerusalem