Jerusalem Innovation; Three for Three

Four incredible weeks of innovation, Jerusalem style. Two brand-new ventures, Amuta 2.0 and Tachlis 2 Point Oh!, premired to packed opening programs. Both in their own way focused on providing cutting edge resources to our communal world. Both with exciting programs taking shape over the coming year.

And then last night, to an overflowing audience and live-streamed to their international community, The PresenTense organization formally opened their first permanent, year-round Institute. It was a who’s who of the (mostly) young and forward thinking innovators shaping our world from Jerusalem. The energy was infectious and provided an excellent jumping off point as PresenTense moves from summer to year round programming here in Israel. BTW, this was all accomplished with none other than Paul Cartney as the evening’s competition (performing for the first time here in Israel) – outstanding!

Envisioned as the flagship hub of PresenTenses’ emerging global network of socially-minded entrepreneurs and located in the heart of Jerusalem, both physically and emotionally, the new space will serve as a locus of pioneering ideas and groundbreaking projects of communal importance.

According to co-founder Aharon Horwitz, this new space will serve as “a new creative center for innovation, entrepreneurship, and pioneering…a home for our creative community seeking to address key issues facing Jerusalem, Israel, the Jewish People, and beyond.”

I was especially pleased to see Becky Caspi, the UJC’s senior professional here in Israel, in attendance as well as several year-in-Israel HUC Rabbinic students, future leaders in their own right.

Kol Ha-Kavod to the entire PresenTense community for their exciting and ground-breaking work. We look for continued success in the future.

Stay tuned as we bring you the best from all three organizations as 5769 unfolds.

Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem.