Jerusalem Grassroots Organizations Convene to Advance City’s Renewal

b1b124_aa8f8a7efdd749d4b8dd9c8626336ab4.png_srz_375_227_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Jerusalem, January 15, 2014 – Over 75 participants from dozens of diverse grassroots organizations around Jerusalem will gather today for a 3-day inaugural Mata Maala – Young Jerusalem Activism Conference, created to chart a course for the renewal of Jerusalem as a city with a thriving future.

The gathering will emphasize collaboration and partnerships between the different organizations present with hopes of attracting even more activists in working together towards the long-term goal of cultivating effective and inspiring civil society in Jerusalem.

“This conference will explore how joining forces, breaking down barriers and bringing together inspiring individuals can leverage existing energy to make a greater impact on future and current challenges in Jerusalem,” said Racheli Rembrandt, Tene Yerushalmi CEO. “Jerusalem today has become a hub of vibrant social activism, there are many young adult grassroots and political organizations committed to Jerusalem’s renewal and the power can be so much greater if they work in a united, directed way.”

The conference will host prominent and influential speakers, including, Prof. Menahem Klein, Mali Baruch, Abed El Karim Lafi and more.

Participants in Mata-Maala will be eligible for grants through an initiative sponsored by the Leichtag Foundation to support and continue collaborations based around Jerusalem activism that are inspired by the convening.

The Mata Maala Conference was created as part of Schusterman Connection Points, an initiative launched by the Schusterman Philanthopic Network (SPN) to put young Jewish leaders at the helm of creating a series of gatherings around the world. Designed as a new and meaningful way for young Jews to assemble with purpose, Connection Points are part of SPN’s broader investment in organizations and programs that empower young leaders to take an active role in shaping a vibrant Jewish future.

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