Jerusalem and IFCJ Join Together to Fight Poverty

The City of Jerusalem and the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews have renewed cooperation with a large scale project to fight poverty in the city. The IFCJ has announced they will donate 13.5 million NIS to the initiative.

The projects include:

  1. “From Dependence to Independence”- A 6 million NIS grant teaching hundreds of needy families in Jerusalem how to gain economic independence. Families that will participate in the project will receive a wide range support which includes: professional training for the unemployed, tutorial aid for children in school, information on how to exercise their rights, workshops on strengthening the family unit, and workshops on participating and contributing to society. 2 million NIS of this donation will be dedicated specifically for the Ethiopian community
  2. IFCJ will donate two “Urgent Needs Funds” in the sum of 1.5 million NIS to the Jerusalem Welfare Offices. The donation will provide Social Service professionals with a designated budget to support needy citizens with basic necessities such as: food, clothing, dental care, hearing aides, glasses, baby equipment, vital electric goods etc. One of the Funds will be an emergency support fund, to be used in case of natural catastrophes, terror attacks etc. .
  3. 4 million NIS for building a Spiritual and Cultural Center for the Ethiopian community in the Talpiot neighborhood.

The IFCJ supports over 150 municipalities throughout Israel, with Jerusalem receiving the largest amount.