Israel Event: ROI Family: A New Framework for Networking

banner3The first-ever ROIFamily event is coming your way! Come to kick-off a new framework for alumnae from ROI, TOM and Connection Points who also have families (or are thinking of starting families). Spend quality time socializing and networking with your favorite alumnae group, while get to meet, talk and enjoy too!

It’s a half-day, outdoor extravaganza in central Israel with: nature activities for kids of all ages; light lunch and a lounge area; and a a fun, world music, live performance.

When: Friday, May 13, from 13:00 – 16:00

Where: Mitzpeh Modiin (25 min from JLM and TLV) off route 443

How: Fill out this form ASAP and get more details.

This Grassroots Initiative is an awesome collaboration between Shaked RogovskyZiva Haller RubensteinTova Serkin and Einat Kramer!  If you’re not in Israel, this is a good reason to head over or to take the inspiration and create a similar event in your locale!