“Independence – a resource for Yom Haatzma’ut” offers unique take on Israel’s Declaration of Independence

The just-released “Independence – a resource for Yom Haatzma’ut” brings Limmud’s inclusive, dynamic learning approach to Israel’s Declaration of Independence, one of the most important of all modern Jewish texts. It is the second of five Limmud Chavruta resources being created in partnership with UJIA to mark Israel at 70.

“Our goal is to raise profound questions about Jewish history, Zionism and the values underpinning Israel 70 years ago and today,” said Limmud Chavruta Project Co-Chair Robin Moss. “It offers a fresh take on this seminal document.”

The resource recalls the multi-generational give-and-take found on a page of Talmud: The full version of the Declaration, which appears on the left, is accompanied by a wide range of traditional and modern texts, along with questions to guide discussion, located on the right.

A team in the Galil in Israel led by David Biton collaborated on this resource. Limmud Chavruta Project Co-Chairs Robin Moss and Mikhael Reuven edited it.

The Limmud Chavruta Project is an international collaboration of Limmud volunteers from a diverse range of Jewish, cultural and geographical backgrounds. Every year since 1996, the Project has produced a range of materials designed for study by chavrutot – learning partners – both at Limmud events and between them.