Imagining the Internet

from Mashable:

The Future of the Non-Profit Internet

Earlier this month, Pew Internet released its annual Future of the Internet report. The survey of 900 leaders forecasts the future direction of online media. In turn non-profit strategists can glean insights into the future, and how to steer their individual programs.

This year’s research report dove into five critical areas. Here’s what non-profits need to take away from the Pew report for their efforts:

  1. Google Changes the Way We Think;
  2. The Internet Changes Language;
  3. The Pundits Don’t Know What They’re Talking About;
  4. The Internet Will Remain End-to-End – Sort Of;
  5. Anonymity and Privacy Will Continue to Be Big Issues.

… “The report’s findings reflect the notion that the tools are not going to change much in the near future, but organizations need to change in order to use them better,” said author Allison Fine. “Rethinking how they operate, what they are trying to accomplish by connecting with people, is critically important for non-profit organizations to successfully engage through the social web.”

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