Hire For The Future

Here’s a simple question: Why is your nonprofit looking to hire a new employee? The obvious answer would seem to be “Because we have a current need in the position.” While hiring for the present is all well and good, nonprofits also need to make sure they are keeping the future in mind.

This can be a difficult idea to sell. After all, the present needs of the organization are much clearer than those years from now, and there is seemingly more to gain by focusing on the here and now. In reality, there is much more to be gained by looking towards the future. One of the best ways to do this is hire employees who have multiple areas of expertise.

Even if you are hiring for a fundraising position, you should make sure this person has more to offer than the proven ability to raise money. For example, a fundraiser with social media savvy will help your nonprofit as new trends emerge. It wasn’t too long ago that Twitter and Facebook were the talk of the town. Then, out of seemingly nowhere, Pinterest arrived, bringing a new social media platform for nonprofits to explore. Having the ability to raise money in multiple arenas will be of great help down the road.

Make sure to keep this in mind the next time you review an applicant’s resume. Your employees must be able to adapt, especially in an environment that changes as often as the nonprofit sector does.

courtesy NonProfit Times