High-profile Miami Fundraiser: “Enough is Enough”

Yedioth Ahronoth reported on Sunday that “Ike” Fisher, a Florida real estate magnate, high-profile fundraiser for the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, and an AIPAC executive board member, reportedly sent a letter to former ambassador to the US Michael Oren saying that he would stop his philanthropic activities for Israel if the government did not reverse its decisions.

“As you know, I am an active supporter of Israel. But I wish to inform you that my support is being suspended until the Israeli government changes its decision on the Western Wall and conversions,” Yedioth report quoted Fisher as writing. “It is not a matter of Reform and Conservative. What has happened here is a serious act of contempt toward the rabbis and leaders of our communities. They are saying to them: ‘You are irrelevant.’ They are saying to our women: ‘Your Judaism isn’t Judaism.’ This is intolerable, and we must put an end to it.”

“Enough is enough. The time has come for the Israeli government to understand that its public includes all of the Jewish people,” he added.

Fisher reportedly threatened to step down as chairman of the Greater Miami’s Jewish Federation campaign efforts if the government did not walk back its decisions, according to the Yedioth report. “I have advised the federation that my work will be put on hold unless Israel changes,” he explained.