Hadassah Foundation Announces New Grants

The Hadassah Foundation (HF), which invests in social change to empower girls and women in Israel and the United States, has announced $515,000 in grants to 26 organizations in the United States and in Israel to empower women and girls. Since 2000, the HF has awarded approximately $8.3 million to nearly 100 nonprofit organizations.

In addition to three first-time grantees – the Taub Center for Social Policy Studies and ANU in Israel, and the Edith and Carl Marks Jewish Community House in Brooklyn, NY – the HF also awarded “sustaining” grants for the sixth consecutive year to long-term grantees that have played a particularly critical role in promoting the economic security of women in Israel: The Center for Women’s Justice; Economic Empowerment for Women; Itach-Maaki – Women Lawyers for Social Justice; and The Ruth and Emmanuel Rackman Center at Bar Ilan University.

Itach-Maaki was also the recipient of an additional $15,000 grant – the first time that a grant has been made jointly by current and former HF Board members – for a project that will increase the number of female lawyers from within the Arab-Israeli and Haredi communities in Israel who are dedicated to advancing the socio-economic rights of women.

A complete list of Israel and US grantees for 2018 can be found here.