Giving Back Now a Primary Motivation for Millennial Talent in the Workplace


2014 Millennial Impact Report
Measures Attitudes of

Next Generation Employees Towards Causes

A company’s involvement in social causes plays a significant role at every stage of a Millennial’s career, according to the just released 2014 Millennial Impact Report by Achieve and its partner, the Case Foundation. An overwhelming 92 percent of respondents felt that they were actively contributing to a company having a positive effect on the world. This desire to do good through an employer presents new opportunities for companies to more effectively engage next generation talent.

The annual Millennial Impact Report provides a national study of Millennials and how cause-related opportunities in the workplace, such as corporate volunteering, pro bono incentive or matching of donations, can impact this generation’s engagement levels and the overall success of an organization.

Report highlights:

  • What a company makes and sells matters and is the number one motivation for Millennials when applying for a job.
  • A company’s involvement with a cause is one of the most important factors in deciding whether to apply for a position.
  • Nearly half (47 percent) of respondents had volunteered for a cause or nonprofit through their workplace in the past month.
  • Beyond compensation and benefits, having their passions and talents used and fulfilled was the top reason for staying with their company (53 percent). Another 20 percent stayed because of a belief in their company’s mission and purpose, and 20 percent due to bonds with coworkers.

The report was released this week at the 2014 Millennial Impact Conference, a two-day experience bringing together experts from a variety of sectors to explore the latest trends and research on Millennials, from how the next generation is redefining corporate engagement, to tackling issues in their communities, and utilizing their talents to inspire peers and create change.

You can download the complete “2014 Millennial Impact Report” here.