Giving and Gifting: A Message For the Season

1257975184-s-gift-homepageWith the gift giving season upon us, I am re-posting this seasonal message. Originally written in 2004, this has been requested and reprinted many times.

‘Tis the season…. For gifting and giving.

Gifting focuses on the object; giving is about the subject.

Gifting answers the question how much we give; giving shows how much we care.

Gifting satisfies our lists; giving satisfies our life.

Gifting fulfills our responsibility; giving expands our sensibilities;

Charitable gifting rewards our bottom line; philanthropic giving celebrates our highest values.

Gifting changes the mood; giving changes the world.

Gifting expresses our generosity; giving expresses our love.

May the holiday season teach us that the best gift of all is truly giving of oneself. It is the gift which gives back, and brings joy to both the giver and the recipient.

May the New Year be one of blessings, good health, and prosperity… and may the world become a better place by our example and our generosity of spirit.

Richard Marker serves as an advisor to foundations, independent funders, and not-for-profit organizations; he is a Senior Fellow in Philanthropy at NYU’s George Heyman Jr. Center for Philanthropy. Richard specializes in strategic philanthropy and planning. He is an occasional contributor to eJewish Philanthropy and regularly blogs at Wise Philanthropy.