FJC Russia Now Educating 14,000 Students

The Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia most recent report has calculated the number of students in the various educational institutions that the FJC sponsors for the upcoming academic year at 14,000.

At present, FJC Russia provides support to two institutions of higher education: the Machon Chamesh University, for Jewish women and the Institute of the 21st Century for men. In these two institutions, university-level education is provided free-of-charge to young Jews from Russia, from other CIS countries, as well as from Israel.

There are also 25 secondary Jewish day schools operating under the auspices of the FJC Russia, as well 28 kindergartens and 46 Sunday schools. In total, the network of educational institutions supported by the FJC Russia and the Ohr Avner Foundation, headed by Lev Leviev, is comprised of over 100 schools.