First All Hebrew Birthright Program Launches

According to a recent study commissioned by the Israeli-American Council (IAC), about 17% of second generation Israeli-Americans are married to non-Jews and Hebrew fluency drops from 53% to 19% for those living in the U.S. more than ten years.

These results have served as a catalyst for the IAC to partner with Taglit Birthright Israel and launch a special Hebrew track called IAC Shelanu.

IAC Shelanu aims to provide an authentic Israel experience that will help these 18-26 y.o. Israeli-Americans and other Hebrew speakers connect on a deeper level with their Jewish-Israeli identity and expand their knowledge of and acquaintance with the State of Israel, its history and culture. Participants will be encouraged to participate in an IAC Shelanu alumni program, which will develop their connections to one another and Israel while fortifying them with the network and skills needed to be ambassadors for Israel.

Registration opens September 9th for the December 2014 program.

For more information about IAC Shelanu, please visit: