Federation Heads Meeting To Discuss Future of Troubled Umbrella Group

Facing Internal Unrest, the UJC is taking flak from an “Insider Blog“.

On the heels of yesterday’s upbeat announcement on 2007 fundraising income comes public word of the dissension that has been brewing in the UJC/Federation system.

In a front page article in this week’s Forward, (the) “UJC has been criticized as ineffective and inefficient almost since its formation in 1999 through a merger of three predecessor agencies, the United Jewish Appeal, United Israel Appeal and Council of Jewish Federations. UJC’s current president and CEO, Howard Rieger, has attempted, since taking office in 2005, to restructure and streamline the agency, but his tenure has been marked by turmoil.”

“The organization has also been accused of being closed and resistant to criticism. Now, however, long-rumored internal complaints are being aired in the new blog.”

“Low staff morale is a major focus of Disunited Jewish Communities, active since early last December. The blog, written in a strident tone and rife with typographical errors, discusses several topics, especially criticisms of UJC’s work environment.”

to read the complete article from today’s Forward, click here.