Egged Bus Finds a New Use

by Tamar Runyan

Israel’s largest public transit company, Egged, unloaded one of its busses on a Chabad-Lubavitch center in the Negev Desert, donating about $3,500 to help the sale proceed so that Rabbi Lior and Avishag Abadah could convert the vehicle into a mobile youth center and library.

The Abadahs, whose Chabad of Merkhavim serves one of Israel’s largest regional councils, raised more than $45,000 from community members and supporters to finance the purchase and conversion. They expect to begin operating in the near future.

Headquartered in Gilat since 2004, the Chabad House offers an array of services for the people who live in the villages of a 143,000 acre area in the northwestern Negev between Tel Aviv and Beersheba.

courtesy News