eBook Available: Launching and Sustaining a Successful Jewish Giving Circle

AMP.ejewish.centerGiving circles, groups who pool donations and decide together which causes to support, are a powerful tool for providing anyone – at any age, in any place, at any giving level – with access to an exciting, intentional giving experience. Giving circle members learn and do something about the issues that mean the most to them within their community of friends, family, fellow program alumni – anyone.

Amplifier is dedicated to making it as easy as possible for any individual or organization to start its own giving circle. In fact, 38 community-builders representing 23 organizations and 20 communities across the US and Canada convened in New York City in October, 2015 to begin designing the new giving circles they will build as part of our Jewish Giving Circle Incubator program. The brand-new giving circles that will emerge from this program will join the 50+ giving circles already in Amplifier’s network. In addition to the Incubator program, we offer on-demand coaching, training, and a user-friendly online platform where you can manage your circle’s activities, access a library of resources, and find amazing causes to support, so anyone – even you – can start your own giving circle.

As part of our effort to expand and strengthen giving circles in the Jewish community, Amplifier is proud to share this seven-part series (now in ebook form!) to help you start and sustain a giving circle inspired by Jewish values. This series, published in partnership with eJewish Philanthropy, draws upon Amplifier’s Resource Library and the experiences of giving circles in the Amplifier network. We hope it inspires you, and if it does, feel free to reach out to Hello@AmplifierGiving.org for more information on how you can start (or join) a giving circle.

The complete ebook is available for download here.