Digital Jewish Education Forum

On February 10, 2011 Leadel is hosting a special forum focusing on technologies available in education today with a specific emphasis on value-based Jewish education.

Generation Y and the Millennials are the most technologically advanced ever – with countless media vying for their attention, one has to not only bridge but overcome the technological gap that separates generations in order to fulfill educational mandates.

This event will expand horizons and bring to the surface both pedagogical and technological issues in the important contexts of Jewish Education, learning Torah and the handing down our values from generation to generation.

Education requires more than the payment of lip service to the technological trend-du-jour. Pedagogy doesn’t translate from books to Websites as easily as MTV could move from television to YouTube. Being able to separate the wheat from the chaff requires an innate understanding of both pedagogy and technology and how they inter-relate. This is especially true in the context of value based fields like Jewish education.

This issue represents both a challenge and an opportunity. We can reach out, interact with and learn from our colleagues and peers as never before. We can transform our classrooms into digital experiences, not for the sake of embracing technology in and of itself, but for the sake of educating our charges in the most effective way possible.

Adapting to new technology ought not be a source of fear or anxiety as long as the fundamental purposes of educational remain the driving forces behind any such innovation.

Forum will take place at the Heseg House, 46 Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv.
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