Collaboration: The Buzzword of the Day

collaborationAhead of the curve, again.

KolDor and PresenTense, with a mutual grant form the Natan Fund, have partnered together in order to strengthen and leverage both networks, while globalizing the PresenTense network beyond North America and Israel. The venture will be overseen by a steering committee made up of representatives from both organizations.

The program is made up of two symbiotic aspects:

  • Mentorship – KolDorians will serve as mentors for members of PresenTense in order to answer questions facing the Jewish People and to catalyze ventures that will impact the Jewish world and beyond. Building these relationships across networks will facilitate the sharing of knowledge, tools, and connections and will create a strong young leadership in the Jewish world.
  • Joint events – KolDor and PresenTense will create four events during 2009, based partly on the relationships created from the mentorship program. These events are intended to serve as an exposure for both networks.

This engagement between KolDor and PresenTense grows out of a “kesher” that has been fostered between the organizations since the latter were invited to participate in the 2007 KolDor global conference.