Can They Hear You?

Can your donors hear you?

If not you might not be speaking their language.

Does your audience respond best to direct mail, do they like email newsletters, do they prefer to donate on facebook, etc., etc.?

Here is my TOP 10 fundraising tests for Jewish non profits to try:

  1. Test different direct mail lists that match up well with with your mission,
  2. Test different recency and dollar selects,
  3. Test different target geographic locations,
  4. Test methods of reaching people through social media tools,
  5. Test your web site design,
  6. Test your methods for accepting donations,
  7. Test a newsletter,
  8. Test different direct mail letters and envelopes,
  9. Test out a blog.
  10. Test out ways to make your donors know that they are appreciated.

In short, always be testing new ways to reach out to your donor base. Then, make sure you have a method in place to track your results.

After you have tested enough you will start to find out what works best for you and your donors. Only then can you can’t use your marketing budget wisely.

Even some of the biggest mailers we work with still always look for new test ideas to keep fundraising efforts fresh and open to new possibilities.

Don’t risk loosing your current donors or potential donors just because they can’t hear you.

Yoav Kaufman, is a List Manager with Negev Direct Marketing Inc.