Bikkurim Accepts 2 New Organizations To Incubator Program

Bikkurim: Advancing New Jewish ideas has accepted two new organizations into its incubator program.

The Shefa School: the first pluralistic Jewish day school in New York providing K-8 education for children with special needs. Shefa seeks to make the Jewish education of children with learning differences a communal commitment and responsibility.

ImmerseNYC: the first pluralistic community mikveh project in NYC. ImmerseNYC introduces New York Jews to the myriad ways that powerful and transformational mikveh rituals can add meaning to their Jewish lives.

ImmerseNYC and the Shefa School were accepted through a competitive application process to which 19 organizations applied. 22 communal leaders including members of the Bikkurim Board, alumni and colleagues helped to review and vet the proposals.

The Shefa School and ImmerseNYC join Bikkurim’s current residents Yeshivat Maharat and the Jewish Diaster Repsonse Corps.